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mythic_icons's Journal

Mythological Icons
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This community is focused on icons that are somehow related to mythology, folklore and tales. User pictures posted here can and should be anything related to those subjects.

Community rules:

Use LJ-cuts to hide icons in your posts, if they contain more than two icons. Generally, this is because it'll be a lot more comfortable to view community entries on Friend Pages without having to load large icon posts every time. Instructions on making an LJ-cut can be found here.

Taking pictures:
Yes, you can take pictures that have been posted in the community. Note that if somebody asks you to credit, you have to credit if you use the icons. Crediting an artist takes very little time, and keeps everybody happy.

All posts to the community are moderated - this is to keep away spam, "join us"-messages, cheesy fantasy art and stuff that isn't directly related to the subject of the community. This is an icon community, meaning that entries posted here should have icons in them. Any posts that do not have icons in them will NOT pass moderation.

If you have any questions concerning community rules or anything else, you can contact constantia, the maintainer. If you're in doubt about whether you can post something here, ask first.